Script Writing and Narrator

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Script Writing and Narrator

Tracing the Columbia

Distilling lived experiences with illuminating words and phrases and sentences helps bring story to life in film and radio. The award winning film, Tracing the Columbia was an exercise in bringing both words and voice together. The character of voice – its inflection and tone and cadence – can play a critical role in the translation of experiences of time and place to new eyes and ears.



Tracing the Columbia | Reel Paddling Film Festival Trailer | Rapid Media  watch video on YouTube

Tracing The Columbia brings together two historical moments- David Thompson’s charting of The Columbia River.

In 1811 and The journey of two hundred modern-day voyageurs paddling the river to mark the 200th anniversary of Thompson’s achievement into one remarkable film. It depicts the 45-day journey of the 2011 Thompson Columbia Brigade from Invermere, British Columbia to the Columbia River mouth at Astoria, Oregon. It is a story of the paddlers and the river, of the communities and people met along the way, and the connections formed by a sense of adventure.

Director: Jay Macmillan
Producer: Louise Bentley